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COST: 2 DAY $300.00/ 3 DAY $450.00
Force on Force Course with optional Live Fire

This 2 or 3 day course will train officers how to responded to the increasingly prevalent threat of an ongoing killing event.  Training is centered on the most up to date best practices for how to effectively stop the threat and save innocent lives.  Training is conducted on the tactical considerations and decision making processes during an event as well as our “Winning Mindset”.  Extensive hands on training using force-on-force is conducted during the training program to develop students understanding and build confidence in the tactics used to confront on ongoing Active Threat. 


Topics covered are:

Active Threat Events and lessons learned

Handling an Active Threat Event

“Winnning Mindset” Safety considerations

Combat Stress and the SNS Response

Situational Awareness

Priorities of Work

Exterior approach

Room Clearance

Team Movement


Use of Cover


Medical considerations

Incorporation of the optional 3rd training day incorporates Live Fire training into the curriculum.  The techniques used during the initial 2 day course are now expanded into live application on the firing range.  Students will safely apply movement principles, team work, cornering, target discrimination and situational awareness while on the firing range.  Your agency does not need to have a live fire shoot house to conduct this portion of the course.  All of our drills are designed to be set up on a indoor or outdoor flat range.  Students will learn how to safely replicate the live fire portion of the training for incorporation into their agencies annual range training. 


As one of our Flagship courses, you will learn from several of the top international Active Shooter Instructors on the best practices for responding to an Active Threat Event.  With extensive back grounds in conducting Active Threat training and serving as a major law enforcement agencies Active Shooter Program Coordinators, our instructors have been recognized by the federal government as some of the best Active Shooter Instructors in the country.

Hosting Requirements

Agencies looking to host our Active Shooter Response course must have a building capable of supporting force on force training and building clearing training.  Good locations are schools or office type buildings.  Training facility must have suitable lighting and restroom capability and be free of safety hazards.  Course will require access to a classroom with audio visual capability.  Classroom can be at the training site or located at a separate facility.  Training areas should be able to provide suitable security to ensure safety of students and equipment.

Agencies wishing to incorporate the live fire component should have either an indoor or outdoor range.  

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