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Originally formed as the U.S. Air Forces premier Ground Combat Training Center, the 96GCTS in Eglin AFB, FL was nicknamed "Brave Defender".  Staffed by some of the most passionate and professional instructors, the original "Brave Defender" prepared deploying forces to be able to prevail in combat situations.   Closed in 2013 in an effort to consolidate training centers, "Brave Defender" was officially decommissioned.  


Based in the Memphis, Tennessee area, the current Brave Defender brands were started in 2019. 


After seeing many "instructors" whom either had no actual tactical experience or official certifications (some cases both) in the material they were teaching; Brave Defender Training Group LLC was created with the desire to take subject matter expert instructors, that were not only fully certified but also held real word experience AND training experience in their respective areas and share that knowledge.   

Brave Defender Community Services was created be able to provide additional Active Shooter research, education, preparation and prevention services to communities throughout the country.   With a belief that public safety should not incur a profit Brave Defender Community Services was formed as a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit.  

What is a "Brave Defender"

Bravery is not instinctive. In fact it is often defined as acting in spite of one's natural fears. It is only through confidence that we may overcome those instincts and fears; confidence being born from knowledge and training. Through proper preparation and training one will find it easier to face the danger; the truest example of BRAVE.  A DEFENDER is not one that waits for the attack to start to take up arms, but strives to prevent it from ever happening. By empowering someone with the knowledge and confidence to face a threat, they can naturally become the calm in the chaos that people will gravitate to for answers. That person realizes they can defend those around them, by the simple virtue of their knowledge. Thus is born; the BRAVE DEFENDER. 


Our logo signifies our commitment to serving our communities though preparation and education. The bayonet, issued to a warrior, sworn to defend his country against all enemies, displayed vertically, to signify the BRAVE warrior at attention, on top of the globe to illustrate the commitment to be the DEFENDER for the people of the world from whatever threats may come.

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