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Law Enforcement/Military Only

These programs are available only to current Law Enforcement or Military members and agencies. 

Knowing that training hours can be limited for many agencies we attempt to condense our training.  Course lengths that are listed by training "Day" vs. "Hours" can often expect a longer than traditional 8 hour training day.  

For agencies that desire to host a course we offer the flexibility of being able to split the course into non-consecutive training days in order to better fit your schedule.  

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This course is designed to improve shooting abilities by conducting a "back to fundamentals" approach.  

This course is to take law enforcement or military members that have already completed basic shooting training and increase their speed and shooting accuracy.  


Learn advanced rifle shooting techniques and drills to improve your shooting ability and combat performance under stress.

Combine our Advanced Pistol and Advanced Patrol Rifle into a 3 Day Advanced Pistol/Rifle


This is not a traffic stop course.  One of our Flagship courses, this advanced course has officers learning the realities of how vehicles impact a gunfight.  This physically demanding course will have students shooting from within vehicles and as cover  in a dynamic environment. 

Whether you’re a rural agency or a metro city with parks and vacant lots every agency has terrain that can be considered “open”.  These environments require different tactics and techniques when reacting to an ambush or lethal engagement.

Building Clearing and Close Quarters Combat tactics and techniques taught using a combination of reality based training and Live Fire Drills.  


This course will train officers how to responded to the increasingly prevalent threat of an ongoing killing event.  Training is centered on the most up to date best practices to effectively stop the threat and save innocent lives.


Our course will train you on how to design scenarios to meet your learning objectives.  We will train on the various types of force-on-force platforms that are available and how to effectively use each platform.  Upon completion of the course students will be certified to conduct Force on Force training and scenario development. 

Whether it's off duty or in plain clothes capacity officers often encounter life threatening situations out of uniform.   Students will train on reacting and drawing from concealment.

Conducting officer or citizen rescues using both dismounted and vehicle tactics.  This is the stand alone version of the optional 3rd day in the Vehicle Combative and Dismounted Combative programs.

There are situations that require officers to move off the beaten path.  Officers should be trained on how to locate themselves and navigate. 


2 Day

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and civilian Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) courses introduce evidence-based, life-saving techniques and strategies for providing the best trauma care in the tactical  environment

This course is designed to meet the needs of the new or experienced instructor in completion of the Instructor Development requirements as established by the Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission for instruction.

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