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Brave Defender Training Group is proudly recognized as a Veteran Owned Business and is 100 percent owned by a Military and Law Enforcement Veteran that continues to serve in both roles.   Our strategy is to bring our experience and training to you.   We only employ instructors that have a background in Military or Law Enforcement instructing.  There are a tremendous number of instructors out there with various military experience, but sometimes that experience fails to translate into being an effective instructor or into civilian Law Enforcement application.  Our team is able to translate military combat experience into what applies for civilian Law Enforcement.  

There are many good tactics and techniques and many bad ones being taught.  We don't believe in a one size fits all approach to tactical problems.  With those concepts in mind we largely focus on principles to allow the user to be more flexible in their response to a situation.  

Robert Carlson

Combat veteran with 6 deployments in support of multiple combat operation.  20 year background in military law enforcement specializing in Special Response Teams and Ground Combat Tactics Training; past 4 years served as Special Warfare Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) JTAC.  

16 years experience in civilian Law Enforcement with 4 years spent on Special Reaction Teams and since 2013 has been a senior Firearms Instructor for the largest Police Department in Tennessee.  Serves as the Active Shooter Program Coordinator for his agency, and is internationally recognized as an expert in Active Threat Response.

Zach Clark
Senior Instructor

Eight years experience as a police officer and has been a Firearms Instructor for the largest police department in Tennessee since 2017.

He served as the Active Shooter Program Coordinator for his agency.  

Avid competitive shooter, he has represented his police departments pistol team since 2015, holding Expert and Master classifications.  

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