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Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you have a question not covered.

Q.  Why train with Brave Defender Training Group?

A.  The members of our team are recognized as subject matter experts in the fields they cover.  We only employ instructors who are either active Law Enforcement, military or both with a history of both prior operational and training experience in their subject matter.   Additionally, our staff must be certified as instructors through a recognized and accredited third party source.  This combination of accredited certification, operational experience, along with a documented history of training students translates to the highest quality program.  

Q.  How much does it cost to host a course at my location?

A.  Our course costs vary but are generally determined by the number of days the course will run.  There are two methods for an agency to host a course, Open and Closed enrollments.  Open enrollment allows any student meeting the criteria to attend and each student or their agency is responsible for paying the tuition.  Open enrollment classes must meet the minimum student count.  Closed enrollment allows the host agency to pay a set fee for the course and have control over who attends.  There is no minimum student count for closed enrollment.  Please see the hosting a course section for more details.  

Q. How far in advance do I need to schedule a course if I'm interested in being a host?

A.  We understand in the world of the government sometimes it can be hard to plan training far in advance due to budgets and approval processes.  Depending on the enrolment type you chose we can often begin a class in a few weeks or less, based upon instructor availability.  

Q.  Do you have your own range or training facility?

A.  At this time we focus on making all of our training exportable.  This is a significant cost saving to agencies and students that attend our course as it eliminates travel costs.   This allows smaller agencies which may not have the ability to send all their officers to training an opportunity to have the training come to them.  For classes in the Memphis TN region we have partnered with another veteran owned training company in N. Mississippi to allow use of their range for any local classes.  

Q.  How can I tell if I am getting quality training from another agency or instructor?

A.  There is certainly no shortage of "instructors" when it come to firearms or tactics these days.   Many of these instructors have tremendous experience and background, and many don't.  This can muddy the waters when trying to decide who to spend your money and time with.

1.   Do they have experience in the topic they claim to teach or did they simply attend a course?

2.   Are they certified in the topic they are teaching; from an accredited organization?

3.  What is their level of training?  If its the same or only slightly higher than yours what are they going to teach you?

4.  What is the lineage of what they teach?  Has it been proven in combat or simply made up for a certificate?  Don't fall for fancy taglines and so-called affiliations with top tier units.

5.  If they ever claim their way is the only way or best way; RUN.

6.  When in doubt, ask for a resume or bio.

Q.  Are your courses POST accredited?

A.  State Law Enforcement verification agencies, such as POST, vary state by state.  Typically though, all of our courses and instructors do meet the requirements established by the state to count for POST accreditation once submitted.  

Q.  Can civilians attend your courses?

A.  Our primary mission is conducting training for the Law Enforcement and Military communities, but we do provide some training to lawfully armed civilians.   Visit our Civilian Training page for a list of classes.  Courses that are marked as LE/MIL only are only open to CURRENT LE/MIL members; verification is required.

Q.  Do you conduct custom training courses?

A.  Yes.  If you have a training need that is not filled by one of the courses listed on the website, please contact us to schedule a customized training course for your agency.

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