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Our instructors have been recognized as several of the top experts internationally in Active Threat or Active Shooter Response Training.  Regardless if you are a Law Enforcement agency, seasoned officer or member of the community we have training that will be invaluable to you in being ready for these horrific events.  

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2 or 3 day

This course will train officers how to responded to the increasingly prevalent threat of an ongoing killing event.  Training is centered on the most up to date best practices to effectively stop the threat and save innocent lives.

1 Day

If you are on an armed security or safety team at your church, business or any other location it is essential to have the training necessary to be protect your members during a Active Threat Event.  This training is geared towards locations that have decided to employ an armed team whether through a paid security service or volunteer members of their organization.  

Brave Defender Community Service


Whether you are a business, church, school or any other organization in the community Active Shooter Events effect everyone.  It's crucial for organizations to properly educate themselves prior to an event taking place in order to PREPARE and PREVENT these attacks.  This training should not be borne from a desire to seek profit, therefor this class is offered through our partnered organization Brave Defender Community Services. 

Receive training from instructors that have over 15 years experience in running an Active Shooter Program and are recognized experts in educating the public in Active Shooter Events.  

Brave Defender Community Services is a a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission statement is "To conduct Active Shooter research, education, preparation and prevention to save lives."

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