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2 DAY  $295.00
Live Fire Course

If you are already trained on your rifle, this course will take that to the next level and push your skills to your limits.  This course is not designed to teach you how to shoot your rifle, instead we will teach you how to fight with your rifle.  Training will focus on firing from unconventional positions, speed shooting, firing on the move, and employment of the rifle in close quarters.  While majority of the shooting will be from traditionally close urban engagement distances, depending on the host range capabilities shooting will conducted at extended ranges.   

Rifles will already need to be zeroed prior to coming to the course.  We encourage you to zero your rifle as you normally would.  This will allow you to see how your zero will perform at each range we fire during the course.  

Students should also bring a service grade handgun to the course.  

Note: This course can be combined with our Advanced Patrol Rifle course into a 3 Day Advanced Pistol/Rifle .

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