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2 DAY $295.00/ 3 DAY  $445.00
Force on Force Course with Optional Live Fire

Whether you’re a rural agency or a metro city with parks and vacant lots every agency has terrain that can be considered “open”.  These environments require different tactics and techniques when reacting to an ambush or lethal engagement.  Training is centered around training students how to react to a variety of engagements and tactically negotiate the obstacles encountered in open environments.  This is not a military tactics class, but instead designed for law enforcement which have a different set of parameters to consider when reacting. 

*Optional; this class can be extended by a day to incorporate officer rescues and land navigation or tactical medicine

*Optional; this class can be extended by a day to incorporate a live fire training component  (see below)


Topics covered are:

Winning Mindsets

Push vs Hold

Use of Specialized teams

Team movements

Ambush Principles

React to Contacts

Danger Crossings

Open area suspect apprehension

Live Fire Addition

Based upon the agencies needs and experience level there are several live fire team drills that can be incorporated into the training.  Addition of the live fire component makes this an advanced level training course.  Al participants must have solid firearms safety and handling.  Students must also provide verification of prior team tactics training, ie SWAT, Military, etc...

Hosting Requirements

Agencies wishing to host one of our Dismounted Combative courses need to have training facilities capable of accommodating this training.  Hosting location should consist of an outdoors area several acres in size, preferably with some level of overgrowth.  

Live Fire components must have a suitable outdoor range capable of facilitating team movement drills.  

Please contact us if for more information or if you have any questions regarding the hosting requirements for the training course.  

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