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Hosting a class at your location is an easy and cost effective way to receive training for all your members.  We will happily walk you through the process to schedule a class at your facilities.  

There are two flexible options for a hosting agency to chose when selecting one of our programs. 


First, a hosting agency can chose to do an "Open" enrollment.  This class allows the agency to pay per officer or allows students to pay on their own to attend the training.  Class must meet the minimum number of registered students; otherwise the course can be subject to cancelation.   Open enrollment allows the hosting agency to receive additional free slots in the course based upon the number of paid students.  Typically a hosting agency will be awarded one free slot once the class size reaches 10 paid students and receives an additional free slot for every 2 paid students thereafter.   Please speak with us regarding free slots for your class as some courses may have a smaller maximum size. 


The second choice is do do a "Closed" enrollment.   Closed enrollment restricts the course to only those members the hosting agency submits.  The hosting agency will pay a set price for the course and the class is not contingent on meeting a minimum class size, however based upon safety we will still maintain a maximum course limit.  

Hosting and facility requirements will vary based upon the class requested.  

Contact a staff member for more hosting information

Available 24/7  850-499-7123

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