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Whether it is Search and Rescue, Fugitive Searches, Border Patrol or many other situations that require officers to move off the beaten path its crucial that officers are trained in how to locate themselves and navigate.  As any electronic device is suspect to fail, we use specialists in Land Navigation to teach not only how to use Global Positioning Systems but map and compass and terrain association techniques to be able to move and locate positions.  This training is specifically taileed to Law Enforcement officers and the type of navigation that applies to them.  

This can be a physically demanding course as it will involve navigating over distance in potentially rough terrain.

We also hold Land Navigation workshops for Law Enforcement officers.  These non-certification level courses are a great way for members of the Law Enforcement community to learn new skills.  Check our calendar or social media pages to see when a workshop will be being help in your area.  


Please contact us for information regarding how to host this training at your agency.  While this course does require a large training area to facilitate the exercises, we routinely work with national and state parks as well as private land owners to allow us to use their land.  

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