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1 DAY COST: $150.00
Force on Force Course

A combination of the downed officer techniques trained on the optional 3rd day of both our Vehicle Combative Course and Dismounted Combative Course, this training program focuses exclusively on how to conduct officer rescues in any environment using the tools at hand.  Training will consist of the various roles needed during both vehicle and dismounted rescues and proper planning considerations.  Extensive hands on training is conducted in the various techniques used to recover a downed officer.  Students will also learn carry techniques and become familiar with the TCCC guidelines for Care under Fire and Evacuation.

Hosting Requirements

Agencies wishing to host this course need to ensure they have training areas conducive to this training program.  Agencies should ensure they have a suitable classroom to accommodate class size.  Vehicle rescue portion of the training will require a large drivable area such as parking lot, driving track, or equivalent.  The dismounted rescue portion will require the use of an open area, such as a field or park.  All training locations should be equipped with restroom capability.  Please contact us for additional information regarding hosting requirements.  

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