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24 HOURS  COST: $425.00
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Force on Force Course

Moving your training out of the classroom and into application

Any training program that encompasses scenarios needs to be structured in the most effective and safe way.  Yet, this is an area that is left out of most basic instructor certification courses.   Many injuries and training scars have occurred as a result of well-intentioned instructors, who simply lacked the training in training methodology and scenario safety.  Our course will train you on how to design scenarios to meet your learning objectives.  We will train on the various types of force-on-force platforms that are available and how to effectively use each platform.  We will cover the difference between training, drills and exercises and when to use each one based upon your objectives.  Students will be trained on the industry established safety protocols for each type of training and upon completion of the program will design their own reality based training scenario incorporating appropriate safety measures.    Upon completion of the course students will be certified to conduct Force on Force training and scenario development at their agency.

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