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Robert Carlson

Serving as his police departments expert in Active Shooter events, he advises agency and city leadership on Active Shooter response, policy implementation, and multi agency coordination.  He has been assigned as a full time firearms instructor for his agency since 2013, specializing in advanced firearms and tactics training, holding Firearms Instructor certifications from the NRA, FBI, FLETC and numerous state and private agencies.  Additionally he is the lead instructor for the Police Departments Patrol Rifle Program and developed the department's Counter Ambush Training Program.  He is a prior EMT and Combat Lifesaver and currently teaches Tactical Combat Casualty Care.  Robert is a Simunition Force on Force Instructor, a DOD Master Force on Force Instructor, and a TN POST certified Force on Force Master Instructor.  He holds numerous Active Shooter Response Instructor qualifications and has trained agencies around the county.   Robert holds the distinction of being a Nationally Certified Instructor by the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST).

In addition to serving as a police officer, Robert has spent over 25yrs in the US military, the past 5 years serving as a USAF Special Warfare JTAC, with a total of 6 combat deployments.  Previously, Robert was the lead Close Quarters Combat Instructor and Force on Force Instructor for the US Air Forces Pre-Deployment Training Center.  He developed the Security Forces Combat Leadership and tactics training program for military members preparing to deploy and is an expert in anti-terrorism.   Robert is currently the Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Instructor for the National Guard's regional counterdrug training program.

Robert is a member of the International Law Enforcement Trainers Association and the National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association.  

He has been a featured speaker at multiple International Conferences speaking to Law Enforcement or military Active Threat training.  Additionally he has been a guest on podcasts, roundtables and published articles on various training topics.



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