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1 DAY  COST $100.00
Live Fire Course

For members of safety teams or security teams at churches or other faith based organizations.  

If your location has decided to employ an armed security team either through use of a security company or volunteer members of your congregation, it is vital that those members receive training unique to Active Threat scenarios.  Failing to have documented training from an accredited company can open your organization to potential liability.  This training course is led by certified law enforcement firearms instructors who are experienced experts in preparing organizations to react in the event of an Active Shooter.   This is more than just a shooting course, as we will also discuss intervention and de-escalation techniques, response to criminal threats, physical security measures and more.  

We recommend this training be a part of a larger faith based security program for your congregation.  Firearms training is only a part of preparation you and documentation you need to ensure the welfare of your members.  You are encouraged to contact our partnered company Brave Defender Community Services for additional information on what steps you can take to prepare your church for any safety risk.  


For organizations inside the Memphis TN region we will conduct the live fire range portion of this training at our partnered range in Mississippi.

If you are outside of the Memphis TN region we will work with a local shooting range or other location to conduct the live fire range portion of the training in your area.  All classroom and practical exercises can be conducted at your building.  

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