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2 DAY $295.00/ 3 DAY $445.00
Live Fire Course

This is not a traffic stop course.  Officers spend the majority of their time in and around vehicles, yet minimal time learning the principles of how to shoot from within or around a vehicle landscape.  Officers are increasingly being ambushed while in their vehicle, thus creating an officer safety gap in most training programs. 

As one of our Flagship training courses, this advanced level course officers will learn the realities of how vehicles impact a gunfight.  Beyond merely a shooting course, students will learn about vehicle ambushes and how to avoid or counter these attacks.  This physically demanding course will have students shooting from within vehicles and as cover while in a dynamic environment.  This is not a “shooting course” but instead a “live-fire tactics course”

*Optional; an additional day can be added to the course to cover rescues and high risk vehicle extractions

Training will cover:

Safety as it applies to vehicle environments

Vehicle ambush principles and ambush avoidance

Winning Mindset

Get off the “X”

Bullet ballistics on vehicles

Vehicles as cover

Fighting from within a vehicle

Deployment from vehicles under fire

Fire and Maneuver in vehicle environments

Additional Day: Officer Rescue using vehicles and suspect extractions from vehicle

Hosting Requirements

Agencies looking to host one of our vehicle combative courses need to have training facilities that will be able to accommodate.  Agency must have a suitable range capable holding multiple vehicles and classroom with audio visual capability.  


Agency should also be able to provide several vehicles for use in the training program.  Please note, these vehicles are not intended to be shot during this course however with any live fire training program there is always the risk of vehicles being damaged during the course of the training.  Brave Defender Training Group is not liable for damage to any vehicles during the course of this class.  

Please contact us for additional hosting details or questions about the necessary range requirements.  

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