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100% Veteran and Law Enforcement officer owned and operated.  We use only  industry leading training instructors to provide the highest level of training to our students.   We believe every Law Enforcement Agency, Military Unit and their members deserve the best level of instruction regardless of their numbers.  



Police Officer, Active Shooter Response Course

Professionally by highly knowledgeable staff instructors.

Police Officer, Active Shooter Response Course

Out of 10 years in law enforcement this was the best training by far.

Police Officer, TECC Course

Both of these guys were very good ....  Very passionate and sincere as to what was sharing and teaching.   A+ plus for them both.  This Class with these teachers should be mandatory classes across the US

Clayton, Military Advanced Pistol/Rifle 

With Rob's class I gained valuable information to make me a better  shooter, but most importantly a better team operator than all the classes I've had in my career so far

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